AZ Residents – Save Money in 2015 Using Arizona Tax Credits

If you pay Arizona state tax, you may be eligible for the Arizona tax credits outlined below. If eligible you could receive a dollar-for-dollar credit against Arizona state taxes owed by donating. In addition these donations count as charitable contributions and may be deducted on your federal return if you itemize your deductions. Example Married:… View Article

Navigating the Transition to Retirement

You’ve thought about retirement for years. Now, here you are getting close, and you feel… anxious, nervous, and for some of you, even terrified. You’ve been saving for years. The thought of starting to spend that savings makes all kinds of questions run through your mind. What if the market goes down? What if you… View Article

What is Risk? – Investment Sense April 2015

In the investment world risk is most often defined in statistical terms as something called “standard deviation”. In laymen’s terms we call this volatility; the measurement of the ups and downs of the market, an entire portfolio, or an individual investment such as a mutual fund or stock. Most often standard deviation is measured as… View Article

January’s Online Class: The Key to Retirement Success

In this free online retirement class we’re going to discuss the retirement risks that you can’t control such as longevity, market returns, inflation, the economy, and how they affect how much money you will need in retirement. Then we’re going to show you how you can adjust the items you can control, such as spending,… View Article

Investment Sense – Feb 2015 – Diverging Returns

This month we want to provide a quick snapshot of 2014 results and talk about how things are shaping up as we begin 2015. Diverging Returns In 2014, while U.S. equity returns were high relative to those of other regional markets, returns within various U.S. market segments diverged. U.S. large cap stocks significantly outperformed small… View Article

Investment Sense – 2014 Year-End Edition

To share our approach on portfolios and the current investment climate, we thought we’d present this edition of Investment Sense in a Question & Answer format, reflecting some of the questions our clients have asked recently. Q. I have not been watching our accounts real closely but I did notice something that seems very strange… View Article

The Key to Retirement Success – Online Class – Q&A

Sensible Money’s founder and MoneyOver55 Expert Dana Anspach hosted a live online retirement class in October. You can view the recorded version on YouTube at Key to Retirement Success. Below are a collection of questions that were asked by attendees. Dana has provide a written answer to each question and when applicable provided links to additional… View Article

How to Put the Meaning into Retirement

You have a unique opportunity in retirement. A large portion of your time is no longer needed to sustain yourself. You have true financial independence and the possibility of using your time to contribute to anything you want – whatever matters the most to you. Given that, if there was one thing and only one… View Article