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retirement seminarWe teach online retirement workshops several times a year. You can watch them live, or scroll down to find our recorded classes on YouTube.

Next Online Retirement Workshop

Our next live retirement planning class will be April 27, 2017. We’ll be covering what women need to do to plan for a secure retirement.

Why is this topic so important?

On average, women live longer and have lower lifetime earnings than men! This is not entirely due to the “gender pay gap.” Many women spend more years in care-taking roles for children, grandchildren, parents, in-laws, etc., which means less time in the workforce. Less lifetime income translates into lower Social Security benefits, less pension income, and less retirement savings.

As women are likely to live longer and thus be the ones in control of household funds later in life, it is important for them to understand financial terms, basic investment concepts, and to learn specific steps they can take to prepare for a secure retirement.

The great news is research shows women often make better investors than men and are more likely to follow a plan! But they can also be more easily intimidated by the financial language and sales tactics that can be used by financial advisors, and thus not take action on building their plan as soon as they should.

This class will help all women learn how to apply the female way of thinking to their finances and learn what they need to do to develop a solid plan.

About the class

This class is taught by women, for women. Of course, men are welcome to attend too!

We know some women are intimidated by financial terms, so first, we’ll cover investment basics such as what is a stock, what is a bond, and how mutual funds work!

Then we’ll dive into subjects such as how long your money lasts in retirement, and how you go about planning for withdrawals as you near that phase of life.

For example, we all know that women have longer average life expectancies than men. We’ll look at how that translates into specific decisions to make, such as when you (and your spouse if married) take Social Security, what survivor option you choose on your pension, the benefit of using annuities, the types of accounts you fund while working, the tax impact you may incur as a single tax filer, etc.

Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

• Social Security for women • Facing retirement alone • Ways to cover long-term care expenses • Marriage and divorce near retirement • Ways to guarantee your retirement income

This is an ideal class for all women of all ages – and for men who want to make sure their female loved ones have a secure retirement.

This class will be live, taught by Dana Anspach and Kathy Mealey. It will run about one hour followed by up to 30 minutes of live questions and answers.


• Thursday, April 27, 2017,


• 5 pm PDT and Arizona/6 pm MDT/7 pm CDT/8 pm EDT

Registration Required

• Register online by clicking on: Women – What YOU Need to Do to Plan for Retirement

Who Should Attend

• You: Women age 35 – 70 who are ready to learn more about finances, investing and retirement income planning.

Your Presenter

• Dana Anspach writes for, contributes to MarketWatch, and is the author of Control Your Retirement Destiny (in its second edition) and of Social Security Sense. She is the founder of Sensible Money. Dana is also a CFP®, RMA® and Kolbe Certified Consultant who has been practicing as a financial planner since 1995.

Retirement Classes on YouTube

Several of our prior online retirement workshops are available to watch on YouTube. Below you’ll find information and links to five of our recent classes.

1. Tax Planning for Retirement

Recorded March 9, 2017

In retirement, what matters is not how much income you have; it’s how much you have available to spend. After paying taxes, if you are expecting to have $60,000 a year available to spend in retirement, and proper tax planning can increase it to $63,000 a year, that’s a meaningful increase! Research papers have begun to quantify the results that can be delivered by incorporating tax planning with investment management.

In this free online class we’ll be looking at some of that research, as well as practical examples of how to apply it in the following three situations:

• While you are still contributing to savings

• When you are taking withdrawals

• How you allocate your investments

Your class instructor, Dana Anspach, will be using examples and illustrations from Chapter 4, of the 2nd Edition of her book Control Your Retirement Destiny. Tax planning can put money in your pocket! Come learn how taxes work in retirement, and how to reduce what you’ll pay.

Watch it on YouTube at: **Tax Planning for Retirement**

2. How to Control Your Retirement Destiny

Recorded October 27, 2016

Amazon reviewers are calling the 2nd Edition of Control Your Retirement Destiny the best book on retirement planning they’ve ever read. You don’t want to miss this online retirement seminar, where you’ll have the ability to hear directly from the author.

You will learn:

  1. Why the planning is different once you’re age 50+
  2. The basic planning steps to take
  3. What Social Security mistakes to look out for
  4. How taxes impact you in retirement
  5. How to compare investment approaches
  6. The changing role of insurance as you near retirement
  7. Key things to know about company benefit plans
  8. The purpose of annuities
  9. How real estate fits into your retirement plan
  10. How to estimate health care costs
  11. Ways to boost your career asset
  12. Where to find quality advice
  13. Estate planning steps to take

Watch it on YouTube at: How to Control Your Retirement Destiny

3. How to Invest for Retirement

Recorded June 23, 2016

This recorded retirement class covers many different ways to invest for retirement income. For example, should you load up on dividend paying stocks? Buy annuities that guaranteed income for life? Or maybe you should follow an allocation model and use the “100 minus age” rule.

In this investing class video you’ll learn about the four main strategies of investing for retirement, which are:

  1. The total return approach using systematic withdrawals
  2. The “income only” approach where you buy high yielding investments and live off the interest and dividends
  3. The guaranteed approach where you buy annuities that provide life-long cashflow
  4. The asset-liability approach where you invest like a pension plan by matching up investments to the future cash flows they need to produce

Watch it on YouTube at: How to Invest for Retirement.

4. Retirement Planning for Women

Recorded May 17, 2016

We find that some women can be intimidated by financial terms, so this recorded retirement class starts by covering the basics such as what is a stock, what is a bond, and how mutual funds work. It also looks at subjects pertaining to how long your money lasts in retirement and how you go about planning for withdrawals as you near that phase of life.

Some of the topics that are covered in this recording are:

  1. Social Security for women
  2. Facing retirement alone
  3. Ways to cover long-term care expenses
  4. Marriage and divorce near retirement
  5. Ways to guarantee your retirement income

Watch it on YouTube at: Retirement Planning for Women.

5. The Key to Retirement Success

Recorded September 15, 2016

This recorded retirement seminar looks at retirement risks that you can’t control such as longevity, market returns, inflation, and the economy – how they affect how much money you will need in retirement. Then you’ll learn how you can adjust the items that you can control, such as spending, tax management, investment risk, and your retirement date, to maintain a stable life-long standard of living regardless of other external factors.

In addition to learning about retirement risks and what you can do about them you will learn:

  1. The 10 worst money mistakes near-retirees make.
  2. Why investing the same old way doesn’t work in retirement.
  3. Decisions that can help protect your income well into your later years.
  4. Why paying attention to taxes is critical between ages 55 and 70.
  5. Investment strategies that protect you in a down market.
  6. The retirees that will be most affected by inflation.

Watch it on YouTube at: The Key to Retirement Success.