Executive Financial Planner Role (EXP)

About Sensible Money

We are a small, but mighty, and fast-growing financial planning firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but with clients in over thirty states. Our founder, Dana Anspach, started with a vision over a decade ago and has been executing it ever since. This has led to a 20% YoY growth since inception, and consistent “wow love letters” received from clients that warm our hearts. Now, we are expanding further, much further.  Our collective values as a firm have been instilled in all of us from day one, and we are looking for the next member to join our team and experience the Sensible Money difference. 

About the Role

The EXP is a highly sought-after role within the firm. The EXP is the most experienced financial planner, supported by a team, with the goal of providing exceptional guidance and service to the firm’s clients.

The EXP has a unique opportunity to guide clients throughout their transition to retirement, help them manage their finances once retired, and bring them great peace of mind through their journey. It is an incredibly rewarding position, and Sensible Money is seeking the next EXP to join the team.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • Must manage yourself and engage other team members to assist you in tracking the status of plans, upcoming meetings, client communications that occurred or are needed, account funding lists (who needs to fund IRAs, Roths, do Roth conversions, RMD lists, tax reviews, tax projections, Critical Paths, and annual client reviews.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of the Sensible Money planning and investment process.
  • Keep up on continuous education to stay abreast of current tax, retirement, insurance, Social Security, investment, and other benefit laws and regulations that will affect the client’s plans.
  • Work with your Client Services Associate and other team members to make sure annual reviews and other items occur as needed.
  • Upon reaching three to five years in the role, and after having mastered SM processes, EXPs are expected to help train and mentor upcoming planners in the Technician and Analyst roles.

Skills Required

  • Entails an intermediate to high level of understanding of our proprietary Excel model.
  • Planners are expected to communicate gaps in knowledge to determine training needs.
  • Planners must have an expert-level working knowledge of industry software/tools.
  • Be able to effectively work with a team, train and mentor team members, recruit help from other staff, delegate as needed, and work independently to manage the client planning process.
  • Honest, direct communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to engender trust
  • Ability to use analogies and stories to make things understandable for the client.
  • Ability to thoroughly understand technical aspects of a financial plan but communicate without jargon and only communicating detail to the degree the client wants to see it.
  • Ability to deliver accurate and appropriate advice to the client as well as develop and implement all aspects of the investment policy and strategy using Sensible Money/Asset Dedication model portfolios.
  • Ability to convert qualified prospects into clients on a consistent basis. 40-50% conversion rate is our target.
  • Ability to consistently adopt and use firm workflows and procedures.

Investment Knowledge

Must be able to effectively communicate about the differences between passive and active investing, closed-end funds and closed funds, ETFs and index funds, separately managed accounts, annuities, REITs, private offerings, annuities, variable and whole life insurance policies, modern portfolio theory, the efficient market hypothesis, market valuation processes, rebalancing strategies, withdrawal strategies, and Sensible Money/Asset Dedication investment philosophy.

Financial Planning Knowledge

Must be able to effectively communicate about the differences between IRAs, ROTHs, SEPs, SIMPLEs, 401ks, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, deferred comp plans, ISOs, and NQs, as well as discuss basic aspects of various types of life, health, LTC and disability and property casualty policies. This involves knowledge of the taxation of these types of plans and the ability to determine when a given plan or strategy is appropriate for a particular client. Must also be knowledgeable about estate planning, account titling implications, beneficiary designations, and differences between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts.


Must have a thorough knowledge of personal tax, particularly how retirement income is taxed. This includes knowledge of how MAGI, AGI, and Taxable income are calculated and what financial planning decisions impact this.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum five years of industry experience, including at least two years of leading client relationships.
  • Must have CFP® designation
  • Have or be willing to acquire an advanced retirement designation. RMA® preferred. RICP® acceptable.