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Many retirees and advisors gravitate to simple rules of thumb, like the 4% rule, which says you can safely withdraw 4% of your portfolio each year, increase that withdrawal with inflation, and expect to have your income last for life.

Do such rules work?

Certainly they’re useful when you’re age 40 and planning for retirement 20 to 30 years away. But as you get closer to retirement, these rules can work against you.

This report shows you what to watch out for, and provides four practical tips on how to account for taxes, inflation, market returns and Social Security when you lay out your retirement income plan.

About the author

Dana Anspach, CFP®, RMA(SM) is the Founder and CEO of Sensible Money, LLC, a financial planning and investment advisory firm which works with a national clientele, helping people prepare for and transition into retirement.

She is also the author of Control Your Retirement Destiny (2nd Edition), and Social Security Sense, and contributes retirement-focused content for MarketWatch. She also spent nine years writing for as their MoneyOver55 Expert, which evolved into The Balance, where she wrote as their Expert on Retirement Decisions.

When Dana is not writing, she enjoys riding her Harley on local and cross-country trips, reading, working on spreadsheets (seriously), and grilling out at home with family and friends, both the two-legged and four-legged kind.