Juicing® is an analogy we use to describe the impact of competent financial planning.

You start with your stack of oranges, which represents your assets as well as current and future sources of income. Now, picture running these oranges through a juicing machine to procure a glass of fresh- squeezed orange juice.

The machine may help you get more juice from each orange than if you were hand-squeezing them. (The machine or Juicing® analogy does not represent any guarantee or implied promise regarding investment returns nor any guarantee we can improve retirement outcomes.)

To evaluate the amount of juice that may be available to you, we start the process by gathering data on all household assets and income sources.


The juicing machine represents a professional who knows the ins and outs of retirement distribution strategies, and how to apply them. In addition, this professional looks for risks that could drain your glass of juice too quickly and helps you evaluate strategies that may reduce your exposure to those risks.

How does it work? We run iterations of your plan to look for opportunities to:

The Result:
A Plan Made For You

While the Juicing® Planning process incorporates a lot of numbers, that isn’t the only piece. Your values matter, too. By seeing your choices laid out, you can decide which direction best fits you.

You’re likely to walk away with more peace of mind and greater confidence that the lifestyle you’re planning is sustainable.

We’ve helped hundreds of people plan their transition into retirement, and we’d love to help you next. Our process begins with a complimentary conversation to learn more.

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