Juicing® is an analogy we use to describe how competent financial planning can help you squeeze more out of your money.

Start squeezing the most out of your retirement!

You start with your stack of oranges. Inside those oranges, there is only so much juice. We want to see you use every drop.

What are your oranges?

They represent all your assets as well as your current and future sources of income; things like savings and investments, Social Security, pensions and earnings from work.

Our process starts by gathering data on almost all items that have an impact on you in retirement.


The juicer describes the type of retirement income planning analysis we use to help you get every bit of income you can (within reason) from the sources you already have.

How does it work? We run iterations of your plan to find ways you can:

The Result: More Juice

More juice can be measured in terms of increased after-tax cash flow, a greater probability of success, and/or more assets available to pass along to heirs. Our process is transparent so if we find more juice you’ll be able to see how and where we found it.

Can we guarantee we can increase your retirement income through this planning process? Of course not. The results of this process are particular to your data and family circumstances, which is as it should be. However, we do find that we can often show you which decisions will make a meaningful difference.

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