Longterm Success Factors

Do you want investment results dependent on someone’s ability to pick stocks or identify market trends? We don’t believe stock picking is what contributes to long-term investing success.

The factor we believe contributes the most to your financial success is your ability to make a plan, and stick with it. That’s easier said than done when scary headlines start flying. It’s all-to-easy to react to current events and make unplanned changes to your portfolio.

We don’t bet your retirement money on the direction of current events. Portfolios are most frequently constructed using diversified mutual funds and exchange traded funds as well as individual bonds and CDs. Below are the mutual fund families we most often use to construct portfolios:

Aligning Investments To Your Plan

Investing involves trade-offs. As you look at the triangle drawing, you see as you move toward one corner of the triangle, you move away from the other two.

There is not a single investment that we know of that delivers safety, an elevated level of current income, and the potential for growth all at once. Rather than seeking a “perfect” investment it is important to understand the trade-offs involved.

We use your financial plan to illustrate the purpose of each account, and show you ways to align investments to that purpose. The financial plan outlines when you will need to use your money, what you will need to use it for, and which accounts to draw from each year. Then an investment plan can be created to match investments to the current and future jobs they need to do.

Our chosen custodian is Charles Schwab, which means your account statements come directly from Schwab and you have online access to them anytime you wish. We handle all the paperwork, customer service, and portfolio management functions on your accounts. The best thing; instead of a call center, you have phone and email access to a dedicated team that knows who you are.

Within your Schwab accounts, we work with our investment partner, Asset Dedication, to build income ladders and growth portfolios per our specifications as laid out in your financial plan. While we lay out the strategic plan, Asset Dedication picks the individual securities that match the objectives in the plan.

Most often we find we are taking over the management of existing portfolios and then restructuring the components to better align them with your goals while paying attention to tax implications. We coordinate your investment decisions with your tax situation to keep you aware of tax consequences and inform you of trade-offs.

Measuring Progress

The Critical Path® is a projection of the amount of financial assets you need to have remaining each year for your plan to work through your expected lifetime while supporting the proposed level of spending. The Critical Path® is also used to guide risk management decisions.

While you have online access to your portfolios, we like to remind our clients, “When you diet, do you step on the scale every half hour?” We’re creating an investment approach for life.

For most clients, each year we update your plan, and we like to see where you are relative to where we thought you would be. We then recommend adjustments if needed. It’s a disciplined process, but it’s also flexible enough to accommodate all the things that happen in life; new homes, new jobs, grandchildren, and new hobbies, for example.

Your Retirement Paycheck

We are thorough in our planning process because when hired for our Juicing® PLUS service, which includes ongoing planning and investment management, we view it as our responsibility to make sure the retirement cash flow you desire is realistic relative to current and ongoing conditions.

When you are ready to transition into retirement, we work through the details. This includes assisting with paperwork, discussing tax withholding, and setting up direct deposits so that, if desired, your funds direct deposit from your investment accounts to your checking account on a monthly basis, creating a retirement paycheck so that managing household cash flow feels familiar.

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